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The Business as Unusual Show

Our MD Amalia Brightley-Gillott is interviewed by Luke Quilter for his 'Business As Unusual Show'. An upbeat, fun interview talking about mental strength, leadership, being an independent business & much more. Watch it today! 


The Family Business Show!

A series of raw, honest videos with the leaders of family-owned businesses. Sharing the good, the bad & the ugly of running a family firm through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kate Gibson, Gibsons

Kate's £6m turnover family business is 100 years old. But far from being old-fashioned, they've put a huge focus on their online store and have seen sales go through the roof since lockdown began. 


Andrew Robertson,

R&B Star Electrical Wholesalers

Andrew has furloughed 90% of his staff, including all of the family members he employs. Plus he has applied for the Coronavirus Interruption Loan Scheme. In this video Andrew opens up about some of the hairy moments of running a £15m turnover family business through the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Stefano Cuomo, Macknade

With over 100 staff, Stefano is having to make difficult decisions, adapt to new ways of working and take some pretty big risks. He wanted to share what's been happening in his family business and his thoughts on the future. 


Becky Valentine, Spenbeck

Becky had a stark realisation that everything her family had worked for over the years could be lost overnight because of Coronavirus. After feeling completely paralysed in the first week, Becky picked herself up to find the mental strength she needed to lead her family business through these turbulent times. 


Anita Brightley-Hodges, Family Business Place

Digging Deep In Your Darkest Moments: There will be many family businesses wondering if they can actually stay afloat through the Coronavirus pandemic. So locked down together, founders of Family Business Place, Amalia and her Mum Anita talk about what they've learnt from losing a business. How do you dig deep to pull yourself out of those darkest moments? 


Expert Advice + Technical Q&As

Expert advice from furlough experts, accountants, banking, finance, HR & more 

Everything you need to know about The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

Victoria Ansell joins Amalia to explain the CBILS in plain English. Will I have to put my house on the line? How soon will I get the cash? Who can I talk to about it? What are the bank looking for? How do I apply?


Live Coronavirus Q&A

1 April (replay)

Our panel of expert accountants, employment lawyer and HR advisor talk through the ins and outs of furloughing employees. What you can and can't do, when you'll receive the grant and much more. 


Live Coronavirus Q&A

18 March (replay) 

Our panel of experts talk about how you can defer tax payments, claim business rate relief, manage people working from home and much more. 


VIDEOS: Family Business in Five

Our MD, Amalia tackles some of the most common problems that we see in family businesses in under 5 minutes. Short, sharp videos each with THREE brilliant new ideas for you to use in your own family business. 

Could your business run without you?

My Dad won't talk about Succession

Why every growing family business needs a plan

I thought working with my brother would make us closer

Why aren't your team engaged?

Pressure to hire family members

3 ways you can ease the cashflow headache

Why does my Dad keep meddling?

When will my parents hand over their shares?

Following in the footsteps of an amazing entrepreneur

Are you suffering from any of these leadership team problems?

How can you build trust within your team?

Our family business culture is too unstructured

My sibling can't hack me being their boss

4 top tips for hiring brilliant people for your senior leadership team

Using empathy to bring the best out in people

I don't want the family business to fail on my watch

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