The 90-Day Succession Blueprint Builder

Hi, I'm Amalia. Welcome to my simple, affordable way for you and your parents to create a step-by-step road map for the future. 

Whether you're planning to take over the family business in 12 months or 5 years. I'll help you create an action-by-action framework that you can all follow when your parents decide they want to retire. 

Join my 90-Day Succession Blueprint Builder and I'll walk you through creating your own bespoke succession plan. Step-by-Step.

Are you the parent wanting to step back eventually? Enrol your son or daughter today and I'll be their coach and mentor. Together we'll create a framework to take the stress away from succession planning. 


Create a real, live document to share with your family

Forget E-Books and PDF Downloads. At the end of your 90-day programme, you'll receive a printed, hard-copy version of your Succession Blueprint. 

This can be a book just for you and your parents or something to share with the wider business and employees. 

It's a commitment to the future. To thinking ahead and to a fresh perspective on your life together as a family business.



Laura's Success Story 

Laura is the 5th generation of her family business. A £3m turnover manufacturing company in London. The older generation wanted to retire but had no idea where to start.

So Laura created their very own Succession Blueprint. 


Who Is This Programme For?

  • You've been working in the family business for a couple of years now. You're getting your feet under the table and learning the ropes. Now you're ready to talk about what the future looks like and your aspirations to take over from your parents. It may not happen for many years yet but you'd like to know what you're working towards. 
  • You've started talking about succession with your parents and they want to retire pretty soon. You're ready to step-up and become the next leader of the business, But you don't know where to start with making the transition. You need a plan to follow and a way to keep up momentum so that it actually happens. 
  • You've reached stalemate with your parents. They won't talk about if/when they want to take a step back. Every time you try to talk about it they just say 'Yes we'll have a chat, but not now.' The day-to-day running of the business seems to take priority (but secretly you know it's just a distraction because your Dad is afraid to talk about the future). You need to do something before your relationships are permanently damaged. 

How Does It Work?

1. Weekly 1:1 Zoom Call 

Every week, you and I will have a 1-hour Zoom call. I'l be your guide and mentor as you progress through the 6 modules in your Workbook. These weekly calls are vital as I'll cover the core elements of each module and set tasks for the following week. 

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2. A Teeny Bit Of Homework : )

After each weekly call, I'll set you pages of the workbook to complete. You can do these at your own pace and in your own time. It's often helpful to have them completed before the next weekly call but some homework will be harder than others! 

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3. Extra Mentorship

If your parents are driving you mad, you need extra support with the homework or just someone to have a chat with, you can text/email me any time. I know working with family can be challenging (to put it politely!) so think of me as an agony aunt.

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What Will You Cover?

Your Course Leader

Hi, I'm Amalia. For over 13 years I've been helping families in business navigate the tricky aspects of working together. The biggest (and most common) problem I see time and time again? Succession. 

Planning for when Mum and Dad want to retire or take a step back. But which of the kids takes over? How do you figure out the shares? Who has the final decision on day-to-day stuff? Why won't Dad even talk about it?

This is my specialism. Planning for succession doesn't have to end in arguments, frustration and resentment. It can (and should) be a positive, energising process for the whole family and the business. That's where I can help.

Oh, I almost forgot ... I took over my family business from my Mum too. So I understand. I made the mistakes, so you don't have to : )

Why Should You Join?

How Much Does It Cost?

Choose the one-off payment or pay in affordable, monthly instalments. 



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