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Tracey & Sophie Reddings
Reddings Wealth Management

A traditional approach to wealth management - bringing you best-in-class wealth planning advice.

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Jacqueline O'Donovan
O'Donovan Waste Disposal

After losing her Father at a young age, Jacqueline and her three siblings decided they would work together to continue his legacy by leading the family business forward.

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Bob Robertson
R&B Star Electrical Wholesalers

Chairman of R&B Star Electrical Wholesalers, Bob is a brilliant champion of the family business sector, with many of his own family members working with him in the business.

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Helen Gibson

Helen has been Managing Director of her family business, Agencia, since 2012 - providing innovative solutions to the Health & Social Care Industry.

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Tabitha Fox 
Not Another Marketing Agency

Not Another Marketing Agency is a small, passionate & effective marketing & business consultancy agency, helping their clients on their journey to growth and success.

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Roland Eglinton

Roland Eglinton is currently MD of his family business which his Grandfather started in 1931 - providing quality coach hire to destinations around the UK and Northern Europe.

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James McCarthy
McCarthy Cars

Originally founded by his Father Jim McCarthy in 1973, James McCarthy runs his car dealership business alongside his brothers Jonathan and Robert.

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Sandro Forte
Forte Financial

Dynamic, innovative and creative – Sandro Forte (FPSA, CSP) is a speaker as well as a strategic and personal development coach.

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Peter & Sarah Smits
Ashbourne Insurance

At the forefront of their family business, Peter & Sarah Smits are passionate about supporting and guiding their clients and local businesses wherever they can.

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