Let's make a pact

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2019

There are some awesome businesses around the world and especially in your local community. Many of them run by passionate, excited, hard working entrepreneurial families. But running a business is TOUGH! No matter how big or small you are, there are constant challenges and barriers. So why don’t we, as a community of family businesses, make a pact to use fellow family firms wherever we can?

Why use another family business?

  • They’ve been in the same position as you, somewhere along the way
  • They’re trying to provide a good lifestyle for their family as well as that of their employees
  • They keep people in good, stable jobs
  • They do business the same way as you – with integrity, honesty and family values
  • They love what they do!
  • A new piece of business will make their day
  • If there’s ever an issue, you know you can pick up the phone to them
  • Their name is above the door, so they won’t let you down
  • They’re as passionate and excited about business as you are
  • They’re always up for collaboration and exploring new opportunities
  • They’re thinking about the long-term future not today’s quick buck

So why not take an hour to sit down with your finance team, get a list of your suppliers and see if you could use a family-owned business instead.


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