If not now, when?

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A family business themselves, Family Business Place Member, Not Another Marketing Agency understands family dynamics and roles within businesses. Which is why Investing wisely now, in the right kind of advice is so important.

Everyone loves family run businesses, they represent tradition, quality, long standing relationships, a tightknit bubble of people working together to maintain a reputation potentially built over generations. One of the reasons for this viewpoint is the idea of keeping it in the family.

For family businesses of all sizes, everyone has a role, which usually changes as and when needed. Different people pick up different jobs and roles and, usually, everyone trusts them to get on with it. This is particularly the case when it comes to marketing.

Marketing is one of those areas that either gets fully overlooked by older firms who rely on their established brand or gets picked up by the first family member that embraced a particular social media platform. And, because everyone is so close to the business, it becomes very difficult to see it through a fresh pair of eyes. That and if you don’t know something exists, how can you ever know that you’re missing it?

That’s why it’s a good idea to bring in an outsider who can help provide the skills and advice needed to market a business properly. After all, if the electrics stopped working, you’d call in an electrician (unless a family member has commercial electrical training), so why not take advantage of having a fresh pair of eyes to look at marketing strategies?

With SMEs forced by lockdowns to consider operating online, maybe now is the time to find out about verified sources of data, social media platform updates, SEO, and the power of Google My Business. If you’re reading this and are perplexed by the last sentence, we’ve just proved our point. Where many are fighting to survive, the words “we’ve always done it like this” just don’t cut it anymore. The last thing that anyone wants is to lose something that a family has worked so hard on.

Investing wisely now in the right kind of advice, can mean that you and your family are ready for the next crisis/new normal/whatever else is around the corner. And by investing in an effective and professional marketing strategy, you can focus on what you do best and what your family have been doing for years.

Not only does Not Another Marketing Agency have extensive experience of working with family businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, but we are also a family business ourselves. What that means is that we understand family dynamics and roles within businesses and that change can sometimes feel awkward. That’s why we work hard to make sure that when we work with clients, our family business becomes a part of their business and we treat it with the same care.