Back to the future

After over a year of working from home, it appears that the great return to the office is finally on the horizon.

Are You Ready for the Great Return?
With the return to the office in sight, we look into what employees have missed and how businesses can optimise their spaces to make them even better than before.

Workspaces for Training and Mentoring
A survey by the British Council of Offices (BCO), found that seven out of 10 workers said the office was important for learning and developing networks. Furthermore, two-thirds said their career had been helped by relationships made in the office.

To increase your chances of keeping hold of ambitious employees, consider introducing a dedicated space for training and mentoring.

It’s important to promote the fact that your business supports training and mentoring thus presenting a dedicated space will highlight this in a tangible way.

Breakout Areas for Socialising
According to a survey by Indeed on the work-from-home experience, 73% of employees miss socialising in person with colleagues.

For those employees who have missed the social aspect of office life, introducing spaces
dedicated for mixing with colleagues will be a welcome addition:

  • Resimercial Interior Design – As employees have got used to home comforts, a resimercial themed space will be ideal.
  • Breakfast Bars – Breakfast bars provide a convenient space for both dining and
  • Team Bonding Areas – Introducing spaces where employees can bond is great way
    to instil a positive company culture.


An Office Free of Distractions

The Indeed survey also revealed that 64% miss fewer distractions at the office compared to working from home.

Given that this is the case, there’s no harm in introducing a few extra elements to reduce
distractions in the workplace. For example, you can get wall panels that reduce noise
pollution, soundproof pods for independent working, and private booths for phone calls and video chats.


Portable and Modular Furniture Options

Companies are offering the option of flexible working to employees on a full-time basis. With portable and customisable office furniture, you can reconfigure the design to adapt to the needs of your employees.

Equally, your employees can move the elements around to enable them to perform specific tasks:

  • Modular Seating
  • Pods
  • Mobile Whiteboards and Monitors


Collaboration Made Easy

Employees will value changes to workplace interiors that facilitate team tasks. This will be important for companies transitioning into flexible working, as the office will provide the space where important meetings can be held and creative ideas shared.

The way to do this is to create an agile space where employees can “plug in and play” with their devices. You could introduce shared meeting tables with integrated power, pods for two or more people, and lounge areas with nearby plug sockets for laptops.

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If you’re thinking about making changes before returning to the office, our final advice is speak to your employees. They will tell you what they’ve missed from working in the office and what they’ve enjoyed about working from home.

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