School Interior Design Trends and Ideas 2021

With the children back at school now, Family Business Place member, RAP Interiors show us the latest design trends for School interiors.

A school interior design scheme can play a key role in helping students to unlock their full potential. When done right, it can help to make learning an enjoyable and enduring experience that will give kids the best possible chance of succeeding in life.

School design can have a big impact on teachers’ lives too. With advances in modern technology, teachers can really bring education to life for students.

School Culture and Identity
A school’s culture and identity can be infused into its interiors to make for an eye catching and fitting design scheme. There are a number of creative ways to do this:

  • Murals
  • Branding
  • Reflect Your Specialism
  • School Colours

Focus on Mental Health
Students’ mental health is something that must be taken seriously. With this in mind, here are a few things schools can do to improve mental health in young people:

  • A Door That’s Always Open
  • Quiet Areas
  • Uplifting Words and Mottos

Technology-Led Classrooms
Keeping up with new technology is an excellent way to enhance a child’s learning experience, and given that children are digital natives, it makes sense to introduce technology that will help to engage them in study.

Some schools make learning more fun for students by introducing portable devices like iPads and digital textbooks, which are often complemented by storage ports and furniture; appropriate for group settings.

Flexible Furniture
In recent years, schools have started to introduce flexible school furniture. This can be easily reconfigured to suit different study groups and tasks. Flexible furniture also complements the technology-led classroom, where portable devices used on a daily basis.

Relaxing Staffrooms
According to a recent study, teachers are more likely to suffer job-related stress than other professionals. Furthermore, one in five teachers feel tense about their job all or most of the time compared to one in eight workers in similar professions.

One way to help mitigate the stress factor is to create a relaxing, inviting staff room. In our recent projects, we’ve helped schools to so by introducing tea points and dining facilities, comfortable furniture like sofas, calming colours, relaxing wall murals, breakfast bars, and modern lighting solutions such as hanging pendants.

Uplifting Reception Areas
A school reception area is not just a place you go to for information. Visually, they look pretty straightforward, with a desk, a hidden office space. While many schools still overlook the aesthetic aspects of a space, others are starting to take the “first impressions are everything” stance and making a big effort with their designs.

Colour Psychology
Colour psychology can have an impact on a child’s learning abilities and behaviour. With this in mind, it’s important that you take colour psychology into account when refurbishing your interiors.

  • Primary and Elementary Schools — Warm and bright colours are perfect for
    younger children. Yellow is a colour of happiness that fuels intelligence; red is
    stimulating; orange is good for critical thinking and memory.
  • Secondary Schools —Blue, green and purple aid concentration and are
    recommended for older children. Blue enhances creativity; green aids relaxation and contributes to improved wellbeing in kids; purple is an attention-grabbing colour.

Creative Acoustics
Schools can be noisy places, so introducing acoustic elements that reduce noise pollution are a godsend to teachers. You even can buy fun acoustic solutions that complement the interior design scheme.

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