Why family business leaders need to re-set and re-focus

change communication family business in five future leadership Apr 05, 2022

I don't know about you, but the last two years have well and truly taken me out of my comfort zone as a small family business owner. I always thought I was pretty good at dealing with things off-the-cuff, as they were thrown at me. But the last 24 months has taken that to a whole new level. 

In the early days of the pandemic, many of us had to make radical decisions. Adapting, pivoting and thinking on our feet. There was nobody to give us the answers or a crystal ball to say it was the right path to go down. It was shit or bust. 

Our businesses made some major changes and our people had to change with them. Spontaneous, ad-hoc and scruffy. That's how many family businesses have survived the last few years and they've done bloody well. 

So here we are... two years down the line. And some of those major changes we made are actually here to stay. It's amazing how adversity can spark such innovation. Forced us to do things we would never have taken a risk on any other time. 

But amongst all of the changing, rebuilding and growing, when was the last time you sat down and assessed where you are now? Things that were meant to be temporary have often become permanent. So now it's time to make sure they're done properly and in line with your plan for the future. 

  • Are your customers still shopping in the same way or have they gone back to pre-pandemic behaviours? 
  • Are your family business values still strong for all to see or has your brand lost it's way a little bit? 
  • The pandemic made us all realise what's truly important - has your vision for the future changed? If so, have you communicated that with clarity to everyone who needs to know?
  • Has the pandemic sped up your plans for retirement? Are you ready to hand the family business over to your son or daughter sooner than your thought? 
  • Do you have a crystal-clear path of where you're heading and how you're going to get there?

These sound like the most basic of things from a marketing text book. But when you're a small business owner, fire-fighting every single day, they can be forgotten. Or worse - everything's all in your head and nobody else knows what you're thinking. 

So give yourself some headspace. Take a morning away from the office, turn off your phone and just put pen to paper; your thoughts, your goals and your plan. 

Then spend time with your team and communicate it to them. Re-set, re-focus. 


Want to chat with me? I'm always on hand for some friendly (free) advice. I've been helping family-run businesses for nearly 15 years so there's isn't anything I haven't seen. Call/text me on 07590 830 001 or email me - [email protected]

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