A national awards campaign organised by family businesses, for family businesses. 

About The Awards

Changemakers & Groundbreakers is a national campaign to celebrate and recognise the dedicated, hard-working families behind some of the country's most-loved local, family-run businesses. 

Throughout the Covid pandemic, family firms stepped-up. They supported the vulnerable without a second thought, they pivoted their businesses within a matter of days and protected people's jobs with all their might. 

The leaders of these companies put employees before themselves. They had to think on their feet, go against the grain and used sheer grit and gut- instinct to keep jobs safe and their businesses afloat. 

When 'normal' was shattered into a million pieces, it was the Changemakers and the Groundbreakers who rose to the top. Now it's time for us to celebrate those extraordinary family businesses. 

It's completely free for family firms to nominate themselves, submit an entry and benefit from being included in our national marketing & publicity campaign. 

The Organisers

Family Business Place was founded 15 years ago by Anita Brightley-Hodges as a support community for Britain's family-run businesses. Now run by Anita's daughter, Amalia, it has grown to become a national membership organisation for the leaders of family firms.

Prior to the Covid pandemic, the company celebrated it's 10th National Family Business Awards at Wembley Stadium. With 500 guests from all over the UK, it was the biggest celebration of family- run businesses in the country.

So, in recognition of the adversity faced by companies everywhere over the last few years (and because not everyone is comfortable with large awards gatherings yet), Amalia and Anita are launching the 2022 Changemakers & Groundbreakers campaign.

A chance to continue the celebratory spirit of the awards and for family firms to benefit from national publicity and inclusion in a beautiful book that they can display with pride.

Family Business Place: Celebrating 15 years of supporting & championing Britain's family business community