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Get The Conversation Started

Do you need some headspace to think about the next stage for your family business?

Are you thinking about taking a step back and letting your son or daughter take over? Are you worried about whether they've got what it takes? Is it what they want?

One of our Family Workshops is a great place to start.

Whether you've already had conversations about succession, or even if it's something that's become a difficult topic. Our Family Workshops will make everyone feel relaxed and give people a chance to have their say.

Anita and Amalia will expertly facilitate the whole day. You don't have to worry about skirting around any issues with your children or having uncomfortable conversations. Anita and Amalia will unravel any difficult topics in an upbeat, positive way. 

You will leave feeling a million times lighter. Most importantly, you'll walk away with an action plan so that you can all work towards the next step. 

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It was the only way to get my parents talking about the future.

After reading about it on Facebook, I booked a Discovery Workshop because I didn't know how else to get my parents talking abut the future. Every time I mentioned them retiring or me taking on a bigger leadership role, they just brushed me off. 

I knew that the only way to make them see I was serious, was to book a Discovery Workshop with Amalia and Anita. I didn't even know if my Mum and Dad would come! But they did, and it turned out to be one of the most positive, constructive 'meetings' we've ever had.

If you work in your family business, you absolutely MUST book a Discovery Workshop. You can't spend your life dancing around what really matters and the difficult conversations. I promise, you will feel like the world has been lifted off your shoulders. 

George, 27, Birmingham

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What Happens On The Day?

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Tackle Your Biggest Challenges

We'll delve deep into the things that are giving you that knot in your stomach -

  • Tension between family members
  • Difficult personalities
  • Succession to the next generation
  • Decision making
  • Lack of trust
  • Bad communication
  • Money & Shares
  • Personal relationships 
  • & more...
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Develop Practical Tools

Your workshop is about moving FORWARDS so we'll help you develop practical tools to flip your challenges on their head -

  • How to diffuse bad situations
  • Better ways of communicating
  • How to manage conflict
  • Succession blueprint
  • Personal development
  • Decision making strategies
  • & more...


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Create A Plan Of Action

With all great ideas, implementation is the hardest part. So we'll help you develop a simple, practical plan of action -

  • Decide on tangible end goals
  • Establish best ways of moving forward
  • How & when things will be achieved
  • Who is responsible for doing what
  • How results will be measured
  • Overall timescale
  • & more...


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