Hi, I'm Anita. I help the leaders of family-owned businesses tackle the biggest problems which keep them awake at night.

Whether it's creating a succession plan for the next generation, resolving conflict and tension between family members, or creating a plan for the future. If you run a family business and need support, give me a call.

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One-Off Session

If something is giving you that gut-wrenching feeling and you just don't know where to turn. It's business but it's also family and nobody really understands. I've helped people when -

  • Brothers can't talk to each other without it erupting into an argument
  • Fathers and sons can barely communicate with each other
  • Wives and in-laws don't see eye-to-eye
  • Parents can't decide which child should take over the business
  • Families fall out over shareholdings
  • Founders realise there's nobody who wants to take over the company and don't know what to do next
  • Plus many other scenarios - there's nothing I haven't seen. 
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Monthly Coaching Sessions

If you've recently taken over the family business and need someone by your side. I will develop you as a leader, support you with big decisions and be your personal coach -

  • Someone outside of the business to share your biggest concerns with
  • Guide and challenge your decision making
  • Connect you with other next generations who have been in the same boat
  • Help you manage parents who can't 'let go'
  • Advise and support you with big changes you want to make
  • Inspire and motivate you
  • Connect you with outside experts
  • A shoulder to cry on when things get too much
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Succession Blueprint

If you're ready to step back from the family business I will design, structure and implement a robust Succession Blueprint to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation. I will -

  • Excite and motivate the next generation
  • Hold confidential interviews with key people involved
  • Tackle any underlying issues 
  • Facilitate difficult conversations and scenarios
  • Create a Succession Blueprint including -
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Time frame for whole process
  • Action points & deadlines
  • Finances/Shares


"The succession process would have fallen to pieces if it hadn't been for Anita."

"Anita used her skills and experience to work with the whole family to define potential future roles, achieve a consensus, help to get our son excited about joining the family business whilst also helping him understand what it meant to be accountable and to hit the ground running – it’s not about entitlement, rather proving his worth. Our son had to grasp the concept of making money to keep jobs afloat in a challenging market on a daily basis.

Throughout Anita showed great dedication and empathy and surmounted what were at times considerable challenges."