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NEW! Episode #23

Lewis Page, 2nd Generation

The WFH Zone

What better time to start a family business than in the middle of a pandemic, right? Well that's exactly what Lewis Page did alongside his Dad and brother. Reigniting a business idea from 20 years ago, they launched The WFH Zone. We're all looking to the future and how new ways of working can improve wellbeing, efficiency and profitability. Lewis' brilliant new company enables businesses to find everything they need, all in one place.

Episode #22

Jacqui O'Donovan, Managing Director

O'Donovan Waste Disposal

Jacqui was just 17 years old when he father suddenly died aged 51. By the time she was 19, she found herself Managing Director of his large waste disposal business. In this video, Jacqui shares how she built the business to £20 million turnover with 185 staff and 6 depots around the UK. Plus, how together with her 3 siblings, they have navigated the firm through two financial recessions, Brexit and a global pandemic.

Episode #21

Louis Georgiou, 2nd Generation

Essential Workwear

Have you ever thought about how your children could catapult your business? How their digital skills and understanding of technology could push the business further than you ever could have imagined? When Louis joined his father's business two years ago, he wasn't content to just keep doing things the same way. He pushed for investment in technology to make them more efficient, an e-commerce site to sell to a wider audience and a new online platform for customers.

Episode #20

Denise & Adrian Riggs

Kesson Physiotherapy

When Denise took over her mother's 1-room physiotherapy business, she never envisioned it would become the huge success it is today. With a flagship health care centre in Kent and 10 employees, Denise and her husband Adrian have big plans for the future. But how does a business, which relies on skin-to-skin contact, survive a pandemic where people aren't allowed to be in the same room? How have they used technology to innovate and set themselves apart? Watch this episode to find out!

Episode #19

Steve Walker, Chairman

Walker Construction

How do you cope as a leader when your family-run construction firm, with over 200 staff and £50million turnover, is fighting for survival? That's exactly what Steve Walker faced when the Coronavirus hit the UK. But by sticking to a few strong, simple ideas, Steve managed to pull his family's firm through what could have been a devastating time. Watch the video to find out how Steve did it.

Episode #18

Helen Dobson, Director


Helen's Great Grandfather started in 1935 as a general builders. Since then, the company has evolved and grown and is proud to be celebrating 85 years as a family business. As the 4th generation now at the helm, Helen is passionate about promoting their heritage whilst at the same time embracing technology and new innovations to ensure the company thrives into the new generation.

Episode #17

Jason Smith, Managing Director

Bedfont Scientific

Proving that family firms can be some of the most innovative and cutting-edge businesses out there, Jason talks about how Bedfont Scientific have become market-leaders in Breath Analysis. Not only is Jason the second generation of his family to the lead the business, he's also passionate about the development, mental health and happiness of his 40+ employees. Watch the video to hear more!

Episode #16

Nicholas Charles, Managing Director

Charles Group

Nicholas's Great Grandfather was a multi-millionaire. Three generations later, the wealth was completely gone. It's not an unusual story, but one which can be easily avoided. In fact, Nicholas has used his experience to write a whole book on the four main pillars that every family business should be working on if they want to survive for future generations. Check out this interview for his secrets to success!

Episode #15

Charley & Chris, Co-Founders

Red Key Concepts

Charley and her brother Chris decided to go into business together after years of working for other people. Less than 5 years after starting their own construction and development company, they've built a team of 10 and turnover of £7 million. On the show, they share their secrets to such rapid growth and their strategy for building a sustainable family business for the future.

Episode #14

Glyn Johnson, Managing Director

Yorkshire Packaging Systems

Since taking over the business from his father, Glyn has been the driving force behind YPS's success. In the last 3 years alone, turnover has leapt from £7m - £11m. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a demand for food packaging and as a result, July 2020 was their best month in 43 years of trading. Watch this interview to hear Glyn's advice on how to build a profitable and sustainable business for the future.

Episode #13

Peter Smits, Managing Director

Ashbourne Insurance

Peter's journey to being at the helm of the family business is similar to so many. After he and his wife, Sarah, bought out Sarah's father, they then embarked on an exciting adventure to building a more modern, streamlined company with customers at the heart of everything they do. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they were uniquely positioned to support small businesses with their insurance and continue to help firms survive and thrive.


Sir John Timpson CBE


With over 5,000 employees, 2,000 stores and £300m turnover, Timpsons is one of the UK's most recognisable high street brands. From shoe repairs, key-cutting and watch repairs, the Timpsons ethos of doing business with integrity is clear throughout. Whats more, John knows a thing or two about how to be an extraordinary leader. Taken from our virtual summit, Independents' Day, this interview with John will uncover his secrets to success so that YOU can put them into action TODAY.

Episode #11

Justin Powlesland

Managing Director, JHP Recruitment

In just four years, Justin built his veterinary recruitment business into a £4.1million turnover firm. Then Covid-19 hit and he lost 75% of his income overnight. How did he recover? What has he done to make sure it doesn't happen again? What is his secret to launching such a fast-growth business? Check out this episode to find out.

Episode #10

Jo Wimble-Groves

Founder, Active Digital

Over 20 years ago, Jo and her brother Richard starting selling mobile phones. After being refused a start-up loan by their bank, they were more determined than ever to build a successful business. Active Digital is now a £7 million business with over 30 staff and 7 offices. They are the ONLY O2 Partner in the UK to hold a global award for customer service and their cutting-edge wellbeing App is used by elite sports teams and businesses around the world.

Episode #9

Gavin Howarth

Managing Director, Howarths

Gavin is 2nd generation at the helm of Howarths, an employment law and HR advisory business supporting SMEs. With a turnover of £1million and 24 staff based in Leeds, Gavin saw the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to build a stronger, more efficient company for the future. Hear his advice and tips for anyone leading a family business.

Episode #8

Matt Burton

3rd Generation, Burtons

What happens when your UK-based manufacturing business, with over 140 staff and £16 million turnover comes to a grinding halt overnight? Matt Burton shares what's happening in their family business and how they're slowly ramping up the manufacturing process. 

Episode #7

Chris Macnamara

Founder, The Brogue Trader

With 10 shoe stores around the UK, Chris' world came crashing down on 12 March when his sales plummeted from £20,000 a day to just £800. Find out how he coped with the pressure, what he told his staff and how he built a robust disaster plan. 

Episode #6

Kate Gibson

Director, Gibsons Games

Kate's £6m turnover family business is 100 years old. But far from being old-fashioned, they've put a huge focus on their online store and have seen sales go through the roof since lockdown began. 

Episode #5

Andrew Robertson

Director, R&B Star Electrical Wholesalers

Andrew has furloughed 90% of his staff, including all of the family members he employs. Plus he has applied for the Coronavirus Interruption Loan Scheme. In this video Andrew opens up about some of the hairy moments of running a £15m turnover family business through the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Episode #4

Helen Gibson 

Managing Director, Agencia

Helen took over the family business from her father in 2012. Based in Hull but working internationally, they have had to dramatically change the way in which they deliver training to their clients. Embracing technology and finding opportunity amongst adversity is her secret!

Episode #3

Stefano Cuomo

Managing Director, Macknade Fine Foods

With over 100 staff, Stefano is having to make difficult decisions, adapt to new ways of working and take some pretty big risks. He wanted to share what's been happening in his family business and his thoughts on the future. 

Episode #2

Becky Valentine

COO, Spenbeck

Becky had a stark realisation that everything her family had worked for over the years could be lost overnight because of Coronavirus. After feeling completely paralysed in the first week, Becky picked herself up to find the mental strength she needed to lead her family business through these turbulent times. 

Episode #1

Anita Brightley-Hodges

Founder, Family Business Place

There will be many family businesses wondering if they can actually stay afloat through the Coronavirus pandemic. So locked down together, founders of Family Business Place, Amalia and her Mum Anita talk about what they've learnt from losing a business. How do you dig deep to pull yourself out of those darkest moments? 

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